Home Lab 2016

Since restructuring the website Hotmodz.net several times I have been working with this fascinating program from Realmac Software called Rapid Weaver. Between building the website with a more user friendly design and training for more Cisco certs. It was nice to have some downtime to add/remove hardware to my home lab environment. As seen in the picture below, the Dell PowerEdge 4220 was purchased at a local reseller earlier in the year to help expand my equipment and organization in my home. Having this 42u rack is really going to spruce up the “Home Wan”.

Pasted Graphic 1

I have several reasons for having a Home Datacenter those being that my family use an enormous amount of data at least that’s what I think... I think the total amount my family uses is around 600GB out of the 1TB drive for all of their redirect documents, photos, videos, etc... That storage is running off a local machine that I unfortunately don’t have replicated or backed up yet but I do have the drive in a raid 1 configuration. The other reason being is that I use this to help further my knowledge in several different technologies for work/fun. I have several virtual machines running in my ESXi sever. That being said here’s the list

    I know this was short and probably here and there with some left out information but I will have the following year to blog about my environment and wan. Please leave any suggestions in the comment section below, e-mail via the contact form or post in the forum.

    Let’s all have a great 2017!

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