Homelab Upgrade Plans

Homelab 2017 Projects

I have a good bit of restructuring in my homelab which I will later upload a video to my channel or blog about it whichever comes first. If you take a look at the picture below and compare it to the Home Lab 2016 blog. You will notice that the Dell Poweredge R710 is now part of my vcenter cluster. I also have added a handful of virtual machines to the environment. With that being said I have some matters to handle to make this lab more "enterprise-like".

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Home Lab 2016

Since restructuring the website Hotmodz.net several times I have been working with this fascinating program from Realmac Software called Rapid Weaver. Between building the website with a more user friendly design and training for more Cisco certs. It was nice to have some downtime to add/remove hardware to my home lab environment. As seen in the picture below, the Dell PowerEdge 4220 was purchased at a local reseller earlier in the year to help expand my equipment and organization in my home. Having this 42u rack is really going to spruce up the “Home Wan”. Read More…