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Is Security In Your Life Important?

What are some important things that come to mind right away that you want to protect? Your house, job, precious items, etc… Well, in the digital age of 2017 our priority needs to be on security.
Symantec Corporation stated these facts, "
In 2015, we saw a record-setting total of nine mega-breaches, and the reported number of exposed identities jumped to 429 million. But this number hides a bigger story. In 2015, more companies chose not to reveal the full extent of their data breaches. A conservative estimate of unreported breaches pushes the number of records lost to more than half a billion.
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My Windows Won't Update!

One thing that I hear a lot from people that are still using Microsoft's Windows 7 is My Windows Won't Update! I'm sure that Microsoft broke the updating process somewhere with a previous update but you can now fix that spinning icon.The method that i've used is pretty straightforward at fixing the endlessly spinning update cycle. (Before starting these steps it is always good to restart your computer) Read More…

Home Lab 2016

Since restructuring the website several times I have been working with this fascinating program from Realmac Software called Rapid Weaver. Between building the website with a more user friendly design and training for more Cisco certs. It was nice to have some downtime to add/remove hardware to my home lab environment. As seen in the picture below, the Dell PowerEdge 4220 was purchased at a local reseller earlier in the year to help expand my equipment and organization in my home. Having this 42u rack is really going to spruce up the “Home Wan”. Read More…